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IT infrastructure from hardware leasing to e-mail archiving

You can rely on our many years of experience as an IT service provider!

What many entrepreneurs do not know: An intact company structure also consists of a solid hardware and software infrastructure. We advise you individually on the comprehensive IT infrastructure for your business and work out the right solution.

What you can expect from us in the area of IT infrastructure

Contact us for the following services:

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

This product combines applications for processing texts, spreadsheets or e-mails as basic components of work. With Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers a solution with which these tasks can be optimally integrated. To ensure that all applications mesh smoothly and the effort required to configure and maintain the product is kept to a minimum, we provide you with selected Microsoft 365 plans under the name "Managed Office" and manage them completely. These include:

  • 50 GB mailboxes for each user
  • Size of e-mails up to 150 MB possible
  • Seamless integration with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Access and Publisher exclusively for Windows
  • Web version of MS Office, Office apps for Android and iOS
  • 1 TB cloud storage per user
  • Can be installed on up to five devices and up to five smartphones and up to five tablets
  • Sharepoint server
  • Teams for online meetings

Hardware leasing

Our services are easy on your financial resources: regular monthly payments instead of a large investment preserve your company's liquidity. Full service is a matter of course with us. In combination with our Managed Services, you receive a comprehensive maintenance offer for your IT infrastructure. 

You also benefit from simple calculation and budgeting. This means that your monthly expenses remain constant during the contract period. In addition, up-to-date hardware is available to you at all times during the entire contract period. In the event of damage, the hardware will be replaced quickly.

E-mail archiving

E-mail archiving not only offers numerous technical and economic advantages, but is also indispensable for your company. It is the only way to meet the applicable legal requirements. The legal aspect of archiving in particular is extremely complex and affected by numerous grey areas. In this area, we support you with a fully managed solution:

  • Tamper-proof storage of emails according to GoBD
  • Compliance with data protection regulations according to DSGVO through retention guidelines
  • E-mails can be used as evidence in case of conflict
  • Archiving of all incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Archiving of already existing e-mail inventories
  • Overcoming mailbox limitations
  • Undoing accidental deletion
  • Secure archiving on German servers
  • Access to previous e-mail correspondence even if the e-mail server fails
  • Easy recovery of messages at the click of a mouse
  • Rule-based deletion of e-mails on the e-mail server after archiving possible
  • Fast full-text search of e-mails and file attachments
  • Support of all common mailbox types and e-mail clients
  • Allocation of access rights for access control recording of all actions and clear reporting
  • High data security through complex encryption procedures

Setting up telephone systems

Your customers should be able to reach you anytime and anywhere during business hours without a connection being disrupted or interrupted.

Therefore, you should definitely invest in a professional communication solution. We will gladly support you in this and find the Placetel cloud telephone system that exactly fits your needs.

We will then integrate the selected communication system into your business.

Ideal for distributed teams (e.g. in the home office), can be reached by phone via the office number regardless of a telephone connection on a laptop or smartphone. Organize online meetings and screen sharing as well as team chats with Cisco Webex.

Would you like to use our products for IT infrastructure, or IT security and IT support? Then contact us now by telephone or online!

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